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Tianyi antennas have been deployed on blue light vehicles for emergency SATCOM in a number of code red situations. They are regularly used on the front lines in many countries around the world for disasters and emergency situations.

Complete with working telephones and access to emergency management computer systems, Tianyi antennas coordinate with other EMS on call, retrieves databases the operator is dependent on , and also instantly accesses the Web ,email, video and fax. Police and Fire departments, hospitals, Red Cross, Homeland Security as well as many local, state and government agencies worldwide depend on Tianyi mobile antennas when access to communications is most critical.


Digital SNG vehicles open up unique and affordable opportunities for news to be reported, edited and transmitted more efficiently. With a 2-way IP link between the news studio and the Digital SNG vehicle, and Tianyi antenna makes it possible to connect directly from a vehicle, via satellite, to a corporate network. Ka-band antennas are now used worldwide for broadcasting live events and streaming High-Definition video from any location.


In today's technology-dependent world, virtually every business transaction will require the use of the Internet. That's why mobile satellite internet offices, especially those in remote locations, are growing in popularity.


Vehicles equipped with Tianyi antenna, along with medical equipment and trained personnel, can now provide isolated patients with quality care no matter where they live. Tianyi antennas allow physicians access to broadband internet, online patient database management, real-time diagnoses and specialist support anytime, anywhere. Online guidance in emergency situation can save lives without the delay of long ambulance rides while a patient deteriorates.


The largest market for reliable, mobile SATCOM remains the military and government vertical. Tianyi antenna provides increased flexibility and redundancy for vital military satcom from mobile command centers and temporary offices in remote locations during disasters or emergency situations.

Catering to the increasing demand for their unique satellite communication needs, Tianyi antennas have been readily used by dozens of high profile agencies, governments, and militaries.


Students of all ages, regardless of location, should be able to benefit from technologies that support education. As the Internet becomes more pervasive in terms of educational use, and with still so many young people unable to access the internet, an obvious solution would be to provide low cost mobile satellite internet education vehicles to remote locales inaccessible by terrestrial networks.


Mobile banking solutions are deployed at events, festivals, concerts - any venue located off the terrestrial grid. Tianyi product line is ideal for an end-user demanding a fleet of banking vehicles to provide financial services to remote locations, a transportable ATM container, or even a mobile post office.

Such systems are also used around the world to relieve branch traffic at high-volume locations. If a disaster occurs that shuts down a local network - customers will appreciate a mobile unit that can get them much needed cash. 


The demand for mobile backhaul in rural areas is growing at an unprecedented rate. Satellite backhaul due to coverage and instant infrastructure advantages becomes highly valuable to both telcos and consumers alike. The cost to create backhaul links is very low relative to the cost of developing extremely expensive terrestrial lines.

Tianyi antenna, using broadband access via satellite in any location, is the solution for cellular backhaul in today's bandwidth starved economy. A combination of technologies, including VSAT antennas plus the use of small cell equipment (pico / femto cells), is an ideal solution to create mobile cell towers in the event of a disaster.