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Tianyi Satcom Co,.Ltd, established in 2005 in China National Aerospace Technological & Economic Zone -Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base, is a modern enterprise in R&D, production, sales and service of satellite communication antennas.

The company has a large number of composite material and satellite communication antenna experts with advanced technology and extensive experience, has its owe intellectual property right and know-how in the manufacture of carbon fiber reflector with high accuracy, and is at lead position in the low loss antenna radome (Ku/Ka band).



01 We provide many types of such products as fly away, drive away, on the move antennas , earth station antennas etc.
02 We have our owe intellectual property right, maintain the high efficiency and elasticity of manufacturing.
03 The antenna adopts carbon fiber material with light weight ,high gain and low side lobe.
04 We have rich engineering practice experience and capability of integration.
05 Besides the satellite communication antenna, Tianyi can customize and develop multiple micro wave communication system such as the scattering communication, telemetry and satellite navigation etc.
06 Tinayi sets up its test filed to meet not only internal test requirement, but also provide test service to the outside.
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